Approximate Price Of Bluefin Tuna.


Average annual price of tuna in the U. S.

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In 2023, the approximate price range for China Tuna is between US$ 5.

It’s reported that the finest Bluefin Tuna comes from Japan, and can be valued at around $200 per pound. . Kimura has made it a habit of paying record prices for highly sought fish.


In 2023, the approximate price range for US Tuna is between US$ 5. . .

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Tuna had an average price of around 0. 5 lb.

Tuna had an average price of around 0. The economic anomaly is due to lower quality fish in local waters, which have less meat and fat content when dressed, and also the increased cost of icing and transporting the fish, he said.

66 in New York and Washington.
They are also popular for their high fat content, which makes.
Tuna Steak Yellowfin.

While bluefin tuna prices can vary from $40 to $200 per pound, this year’s auction price cost Kimura just under $3,000 per pound.


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. Tuna Steak Yellowfin.

Price from $17.

Our fishers ensure that the tuna steaks are delicately packed to give you the.

Numerous variables affect the wholesale price of bluefin tuna.


Protein: 25 g.